Christmas on the Farm

The Boy's Colony Partlow State Farm is now Munny Sokol Park
Frosty Tullahoma morning,
Second time awake:
First to see what Santa brought,
And then a trip to take.

Electra 2-2-5 is filled
With presents from the tree;
Wade climbs in rear window,
Matt and Tammy sit with me.

Three hours’ ride, 31, 69,
Bug Tussle … Oakman … more,
To finally Watermelon Road
And past the little store.

Right between brick columns
Then a short ride up the hill,
To Gal’s house, where Big Daddy waits
Our hearts with joy to fill.

One by one, the brothers come
In cars red, white and blue:
Robert in Corvair, Big Tim’s Impala,
Then Jerry’s crew.

The small house fills with laughter
And the smell of smoke and ham,
Dad starts passing out the gifts
As round the tree we jam.

Dolls and soldiers, games and guns,
Gift paper’s everywhere,
As Gal cooks in the kitchen and
Big Daddy smiles from chair.

Then to round dining table for
The men and larger lads,
As Mom and all the women
Serve a feast a king should have:

Black-eyed peas, fried chicken,
Mashed potatoes and okra too,
Pecan pies and chocolate cake,
Tea and coffee, freshly brewed.

Our sated clan then separates–
Men and women, girls and boys–
The grown-ups gab and gossip as
We youngsters play with toys.

Then all to soon it’s time to go,
We gather up our things,
But not before Gal’s serenade
Of “Cruising…” from the swing.

Those days are gone, just memories now,
Of feeling safe and warm,
Of family’s unconditional love,
And Christmas on the Farm.

–by BDaddy, 12/26/2010


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