The Burial of Gal

Dolores Shirley, Gal | Lummie Shirley, Big Daddy
Grandaddy died – I hardly cried;
Harsh judgment passed back then.
His biscuits fine, his smile divine,
I’d trade my life for his.

Granny passed and I – an ass –
Lacked means to honor show.
For just like Gal, her love was all
You need to carry on.

Big Daddy was all a mortal man
Could ever hope to be.
I saw him last with tainted breath –
A shame I cannot flee.

Dolores – ‘Gal’ – survived them all –
With ‘help’ from some I hear;
But who among the living now
Can claim perfection here?

When Gal died – ‘at last’, some sighed –
A thousand miles I rode;
Determined that respect long-earned
For once, by me, would be showed.

As grandson and pallbearer, I
Lined up behind the hearse;
Expecting the unbearable –
Dumbfounded by much worse:

The final tie that binded all
We now would lay below
In a tin-can coffin – roughshod rolled –
To a eulogy from “unknown”.

I may burn in Hell for reasons
More than here I’ve shown.
I have no doubt, however,
That I will not burn alone.

— BDaddy, December 2013


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