Trans-Pecos Pipeline Bringing Ecocide to Scenic Texas Big Bend

Trans-Pecos Pipeline Bringing Ecocide to Scenic Texas Big Bend

‘Nestled between the Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park, the high desert region known as Trans Pecos has become a haven for many Texans who sought to get away from the omnipresence of oil and gas industry and infrastructure in the state. Ranchers and other conservationists in towns like Marfa and Alpine are none too pleased with the prospect of the industry’s arrival in the area, or of assuming all the safety risk for a pipeline that wouldn’t be feeding the energy needs of Texans… The proposed Trans Pecos pipeline would run from a natural gas hub in Pecos County to the border town of Presidio, where it would connect with another pipeline in Mexican border town Ojinaga to funnel natural gas to Mexico’s interior… Mexico awarded the construction and operation contract for the Trans-Pecos to Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, run by pipeline billionaire Kelcy Warren. Warren is partnering on the project with Mexico’s Carlos Slim, the world’s second richest man, according to Forbes.’

Showdown in Trans Pecos: Texas Ranchers Stand Up to Billionaires’ Export Pipeline

‘Former Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry has joined the board of directors at Energy Transfer Partners, a natural gas and propane company headquartered in Dallas, Texas… The announcement, which appeared in Energy Transfer Partners’ February 3 Form 8-K filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), comes as Perry faces two Texas state-level felony charges for abuse of power. Perry pleaded not guilty to both charges and District Judge Bert Richardson recently ruled against dismissing Perry’s case… Energy Transfer Partners is owned by Kelcy Warren, “a Dallas billionaire, [who] has been a major supporter of Perry’s political endeavors.” The Tribune reported that Warren gave $250,000 to Perry’s 2012 presidential Super PAC, Make Us Great Again, as well as “at least $20,000 for his 2010 re-election race.” Warren is among the dozens of elite Republican Party donors who sit on the recently announced advisory board for Perry’s potential 2016 run for president, the Rick PAC Advisory Board.’

Facing Felony Charges, Rick Perry Joins Board of Energy Transfer Partners

‘Energy Transfer Partners estimates that 165,732 pounds of volatile organic compounds may have been released into the environment or burned during a Sunday evening pipeline fire near Cuero, Texas. The Dallas-based company filed an initial report with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on Monday… ETP (NYSE: ETP) officials reported that a high-pressure 42-inch natural gas pipeline ruptured and immediately ignited causing a massive fireball that lasted for at least three hours and could be seen for miles around in the night sky… The exact cause of the accident remains under investigation but DeWitt County Sheriff Jode Zavesky said there were no work crews in the area, leading many to speculate that it may have been due to corrosion or other pipeline issues.’

ETP provides initial estimates of gas released during Cuero pipeline fire

#TransPecosPipeline? Anyone from Energy Transfer Partners setting foot on MY land will receive the same welcome I offer to armed intruders!


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