Trans-Pecos Pipeline: Eminent Domain or Billionaire Ecocide?

Trans-Pecos Pipeline: Carlos Slim & Kelcy Warren

‘Texas leaders extoll the sanctity of private property while turning a blind eye to a system that routinely lets private pipeline companies condemn the private lands of hundreds of people. This is particularly delicate for the three Texas Railroad Commissioners, whose office rubber stamps minimalist “T-4” applications granting
pipeline companies powers of eminent domain. This may explain why the commission falsely disavowed responsibility for two dicey pipeline projects in West Texas for the better part of a year, seeking to shift responsibility to the Obama administration… Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), a billionaire-led company in Dallas, has teamed up with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú to build two 42-inch pipelines stretching 336 miles across the lands of hundreds of private landowners in West Texas. Awkwardly, the three current Railroad Commissioners have taken almost $225,000 from ETP’s PAC and executives since 2010.’

Texas Railroad Omission: Eminent-Domain Billionaires Spark West Texas Pipe-Lying

‘Earlier this year a couple of billionaires landed a nearly $770 million contract to run a 143-mile-long natural gas pipeline through Texas’s pristine Big Bend region… A consortium that includes two energy companies, Mexico-based Carso and Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, won the contract to construct the pipeline in January. Carso is owned by Carlos Slim, the world’s second-richest man, who made his original fortune by charging Mexico’s phone customers monopoly prices, while levying some of the highest fees disproportionately on the poor… ETP is led by multibillionaire Kelcy Warren of Dallas. In February, the company brought on former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to the company’s Board of Directors to offer “strategic guidance to ETP’s executive management team,” according to a spokeswoman for the company. Even before that, Perry and Warren had ties: Perry has received at least $250,000 in campaign donations from Warren since 2011. ETP is also currently embroiled in a separate controversial pipeline project to transport crude from the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota to Illinois. The company is also facing claims that a representative from a subsidiary offered the services of a teenage prostitute to a landowner in exchange for letting ETP run the crude oil pipeline through his property.’

The Pipeline That Texans Are Freaking Out Over (Nope, Not Keystone)

‘A 42-inch natural gas pipeline ruptured and burned June 14 in South Texas. Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) owns the pipeline… ETP is the lead company of the consortium that the Mexican federal electric power company (CFE) is paying about $1.3 billion to build two 42-inch natural gas pipelines in West Texas. The consortium would then own the pipelines, and ETP would operate them under long-term gas transportation contract with CFE… The other two Trans-Pecos pipeline consortium partners are the company that is providing construction services and Carso, the energy arm of the Mexican multi-billionaire Carlos Slim’s business empire… In a recent article in Bloomberg Business, ETP Chairman Kelcy Warren, of Dallas, said of his company, “You must grow until you die.” Regarding what he considers the inevitability of new pipelines, Warren said, “I don’t think it’s fair for a few activists to decide what the American people want [but it IS fair, of course, for billionaires to decide what people want].”’

ETP gas pipe breaks, burns

#TransPecosPipeline? Anyone from Energy Transfer Partners setting foot on MY land will receive the same welcome I offer to armed intruders!


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