Trans-Pecos Pipeline Ecocide: Brad Newton Must Think Presidio Economy Trumps Big Bend Ecology

Trans-Pecos Pipeline Ecocide: PMDD Exec Brad Newton Must Think Presidio Economy Trumps Big Bend Ecology

Presidio Municipal Development District (PMDD) Executive Director Brad Newton must think the struggling economy of Presidio TX trumps the fragile ecology of the Texas Big Bend region. He seems willing to trade the natural beauty of Far West Texas, the health of its residents and the future of their children for the fracked natural gas that will flow [over|under|through] the Rio Grande to Mexico (so much for Big Oil’s BS claim that fracking our homeland is about “energy independence”) through the proposed Energy Transfer Partners’ Trans-Pecos Pipeline – the majority of the wealth generated from which will flow into the already overflowing coffers of ecocidal Dallas pipeline multi-billionaire Kelcy Warren and Mexican telecom monopoly mega-billionaire Carlos Slim. If you take exception to Brad Newton’s dubious position, I encourage you to use this information to contact him and make your feelings known:

432-229-3517 x106
Executive Director
Presidio Municipal Development District
P.O. Box 3329
Presidio TX 79845


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