Attention Hollywood Writers: “Anarchy” and “Chaos” are NOT Synonyms

Anarchy is not Chaos

Despite what our governments want us to think, despite what Google and many dictionaries tell us to think, and despite what apparently every writer in Hollywood DOES think, “anarchy” and “chaos” are NOT synonyms. In fact, they are not necessarily even related terms:

“Anarchy” does NOT mean “a state of disorder [or lawlessness] due to absence or nonrecognition of authority”. It does NOT mean the absence of RULES, but rather the absence of RULERS: Anarchy is the purest form of democracy, i.e. a system of government under which all people equally and collectively decide what the rules (laws) of their society will be.

“Chaos” is the word Hollywood writers (and all the Sheeple in their audience) should use to convey “the absence of order”. Chaos is neither the same as, nor necessarily a consequence of, a state of anarchy. Consequently, propagandizing “ANARCHY AND CHAOS” as the antithesis of “LAW AND ORDER” is a false Orwellian conflation intended to protect the established order.

Anarchy is not Chaos. Organize…


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