Green is the New Red

People and planet before profit!

Green Is The New Red“Anarchists [have] long been advocates of decentralized, human scale technology and sustainable communities. In the 1940s, Ethel Mannin drew the connections between increasing environmental degradation, existing power structures and social inequality, writing that as long as man continues to exploit the soil for profit he sows the seeds of his own destruction – Nature becomes his enemy, responding to his machines and his chemicals with the withdrawal of fertility…”

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“Green anarchists tend to view civilization as the logic, institutions, and physical apparatus of domestication, control, and domination. While different individuals and groups prioritize distinct aspects of civilization (ie primitivists typically focus on the question of origins, feminists primarily focus on the roots and manifestations of patriarchy, and insurrectionary anarchists mainly focus on the destruction of contemporary institutions of control), most green anarchists agree that it is the underlying problem or root of oppression, and it needs to be dismantled. The rise of civilization can roughly be described as the shift over the past 10,000 years from an existence within and deeply connected to the web of life, to one separated from and in control of the rest of life. Prior to civilization there generally existed ample leisure time, considerable gender autonomy and equality, a non-destructive approach to the natural world, the absence of organized violence, no mediating or formal institutions, and strong health and robusticity. Civilization inaugurated warfare, the subjugation of women, population growth, drudge work, concepts of property, entrenched hierarchies, and virtually every known disease, to name a few of its devastating derivatives. Civilization begins with and relies on an enforced renunciation of instinctual freedom. It cannot be reformed and is thus our enemy.”

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“Never before has this planet seen an empire as large as the current American Empire, which is already in massive debt and taking a final stand to hold its power. Our current civilization has become truly a global civilization and all of the tentacles of civilization are linking up as one. Civilization, in its entirety, is now dependent upon global, industrial society which is systematically destroying the land, air, water, and life on this planet. Much as we have ‘progressed,’ we often forget that we are still dependent upon the earth for survival, collectively and individually, a lesson that may be recalled as we meet with social unrest and ecological limits.”

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“At a time when everyone is ‘going green’, most people are unaware that the FBI is using anti-terrorism resources to target environmentalists and animal rights activists. The courts are being used to push conventional boundaries of what constitutes ‘terrorism’ and to hit nonviolent activists with disproportionate sentences. Some have faced terrorism charges for simply chalking slogans on the sidewalk… Like the Red Scare, this ‘Green Scare‘ is about fear and intimidation, using a word—’eco-terrorist’—to push a political agenda, instill fear and silence dissent. The animal rights and environmental movements directly threaten corporate profits every time activists encourage people to go vegan, to stop driving, to consume fewer resources and live simply. Their boycotts are damaging, and corporations and the politicians who represent them know it. In many ways, the Green Scare, like the Red Scare, can be seen as a culture war, a war of values.”

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“Defending Rights & Dissent is building a coalition of national and local organizations to repeal the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act ( AETA ), one of the most blatant examples of Congress expanding the definition of terrorism to crush powerful social movements… At the state level, we are monitoring AG-GAG legislation, laws that are aimed at preventing whistleblowers from exposing poor treatment of animals at factory farms or meat processing plants. Generally, the laws make it a crime to lie on a job application and/or to take pictures or film at an agriculture facility. In 2015, AG-GAG laws were expanded in two states: in North Carolina, every industry is covered, including nursing homes and day care providers; Wyoming’s law criminalizes taking water samples in public waterways… Both AETA and AG-GAG have undergone an escalation in recent years. In spite of years of dormancy federal prosecutors have pursued AETA indictments twice in the last year. Twenty-two states have considered AG-GAG laws since 2012… Activism is being equated with terrorism with deleterious effects on the First Amendment rights of all Americans.”

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#GreenIsTheNewRed  |  #GreenAnarchy  |  #EcoAnarchy  |  #ActivismIsNotTerrorism


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